I Quit.

OK, so I made it 3 whole weeks of the picture a day challenge. I just don’t feel like it anymore. I think I may have gained insight into my blog in those 3 weeks though. First: I don’t want to have a photography blog. It’s just not me. Second: I found excellent readership during…

Freestyle Frenzy for Weightloss

I tried something crazy today.  I got my groove on. I needed a workout anyway, and Keith wasn’t home.  So, with Pandora on shuffle, I just started to dance to the music.  Any move that came to my mind.  Let me tell you – I’m no dancer.  My “moves” generally include some sort of booty…


So I just realized a blog blunder that I committed the other day. One of my usual ‘cart before the horse’ moments.  I posted a pic of moving boxes before telling you all that we’re moving!  We’re headed west! Alright, technically all of Washington is west, but we’re going to the western side and setting…

Cranberry Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread Recipe This is the recipe we used, but with a few changes. Here they are: Instead of a full cup of oil (yikes!) We used 3/4 cup applesauce and 1/4 cup oil. Instead of 2 1/4 cup sugar, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup splenda Add some fresh ground nutmeg Add 1 cup…

Day 19: New Life Springing Up

The flowers are inching their way out of the ground pretty fast! I’m so terrible, I don’t keep track of what I plant where, so no clue on what they are.

Day 18: prepacking!

We’re packing up the stuff that we don’t use much.  A little bit of packing ahead of time will go a long way when it come to moving! The garage sale pile is growing!

Let’s Throw Out A Throwback

  I’ve been really loving my husband lately.  He bought me chocolates and flowers for Valentines Day – even though we said “no gifts”.  It’s got me thinking about our first Valentines Day, and all the things that led up to that day.  So, in honor of Throwback Thursday, I give you…. how we met….

Day 16- Roses from my sweetheart

I couldn’t decide which effect I liked best for these roses.  So here’s the original plus two options that I like.  All from the pics art app on my phone. Polygon- under effects and artistic Poster- also under effects/artistic Original. 🙂 Pink roses.

Repost Sunday, a new tradition

Ok, I saw this on Facebook,  which means that there’s no telling who is the original owner.  But, I completely agree.  Your kiddos get to go to big boy prison if you don’t take care of them while they’re still little. You may think you’re just not a strict parent.  You may think something like,…