Big city creativity meets small town personality.

I’m a Portland girl.  Big city lights, convenience, shopping,  and endless opportunities. But none of that was ever enough.  I always dreamed of being that small town girl with her pretty braided hair and with that farm boy who wants to kiss her.  The farm boy who says “as you wish” and sweeps her… wait, that’s the Princess Bride. Nevermind.  My farm boy has a big truck, not a horse.

I guess my idea of small town living meant close friends and lots of room to be creative and relax.  It was romantic.  You know, go fishing, make apple pie, bump in to people that you know at the grocery store.

So here I am, in Walla Walla.  It’s small, but there is a Walmart, Applebees, and a Joanne Fabrics.  I can be creative and eat too!  Once I knew that, I knew I could make it.  No, literally, ask my sister. When I saw Walmart, I said, “OK! Now I know I can live here!”  And you know what?  Every time I go there, I see at least one person I know, and usually more.

My creativity has blossomed out here.  I don’t think I’m more creative, but I think I have the time and space to fine tune it.  I grow vegetables in a humble garden, and quilt gifts for my family.  There’s always someone I’m bumping into that has some little tips to help me out.  It’s fantastic.  There’s really only one more detail that needed ironed out…  What about the farm boy?

Did he come rescue me?  Heck yes he did.  He literally grew up on a farm, and he has a big truck, and he’s tall, and he’s a sweetheart. It just goes to show that a little dreaming goes a long ways.  And you know what? Our dreams aligned into something great.  We had a little boy in September of 2015, and he’s perfect.


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