Baby’s first trailhead!

Today Keith and I set out on the South Fork trailhead (from Harris Park in Milton Freewater, OR) with our bouncing baby boy in tow.  Keith carried Sammy in his front-pack and I carried my new hiking backpack (maybe I’ll post a review on it later).
In my pack I had: mountain house food packs for the picnic; baby formula and bottle; diapers and wipes; jet boil cooking system; light my fire picnic set; camelback with 3 liters of water; baby sweet potato cheetoes; extra baby clothes; water bottle;  quick first aid kit; and probably some other crap.
The beginning of the trail was hard because it was uphill for a little ways. But it pretty much got easier. The only big deal about it, was the rocky pathway.  We were basically staring at the ground the entire time so that we didn’t sprain an ankle or something. But let me tell ya, when we did look up – blam – gorgeous.

Look uo from the trail, and you'll see the gorgeous view

Man, I love Oregon.
Around 2 miles in, we found an awesome clearing for having lunch on a log. Keith took that opportunity to set up the jet boil and get our yummy food cooking, while I took Sam down to the water.  I took his little sockies off and put his feet down into the stream.  What I expected, was screaming because of the cold water.  What I got was a bunch of two-toothed grins followed with cooing and him wanting more!  I can’t believe how God has blessed us with the perfect baby for us. This little guy has cub scout written all over him and he’s only 7 months old!


So after the water, Keith had our food all set up.  Let me just give a quickie review here.  We ate Mountain House lasagna with meat sauce and also tried teriyaki chicken and rice.  Hands down, we liked the lasagna better, but they were both excellent.  It seemed like something I’d whipped up in the kitchen, not reconstituted on the trail. I’d eat either or both again. The bags say 2 servings, and maybe that’s true if you’re only burning 245 calories. But get real- you each need your own.
Sammy ate grass, twigs, cheetoes, and some formula. Well rounded meal I’d say.
Now with this trail, we didn’t know if it was a loop or a hike up and turn around bit, so after lunch we went about a mile further and then turned back. Better research next time I guess.


These guys! I’m in love!
Anyhoo, we got a total of 5 and 3/4 miles in, which is right about when my feet started killing me. Keith’s back hurt and Sammy was sweaty (maybe just from Keith). We picked up some yummy calories at Tiki Teriyaki on the way home and collapsed.


Our trail rating: difficult for beginners who may or may not be out of shape. The rough terrain is what makes it that way. It’s by no means advanced,  no forging rivers, rock climbing, or shimmying down the hillside,  but yeah, rocky.



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  1. BunKaryudo says:

    That’s a beautiful looking place for a hike and a picnic. 🙂

    1. Tish says:

      Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I apicrepate it.

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