I Quit.


OK, so I made it 3 whole weeks of the picture a day challenge. I just don’t feel like it anymore. I think I may have gained insight into my blog in those 3 weeks though. First: I don’t want to have a photography blog. It’s just not me. Second: I found excellent readership during this time, so maybe posting frequently isn’t a bad idea. And last: I need focus. My blog is about whatever I feel like, and a lot of it is random.
So even though photography itself isn’t what I’m going for, some kind of organization might be nice. Maybe I should try out different themes, columns, etc. Sort of like newspapers, there’s the front page, living, ads, etc.
Anyone else felt this way before?


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  1. lildonbro says:

    Only for the last decade of blogging 🙂 I can’t commit to one topic and I want to have organization and focus. If you figure it out – do share 🙂

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