DIY Coaster Set!


This will be the coolest and fastest DIY you’ve ever done! I probably don’t even need to tell you what we did, but….

Find some tiles you like. 4×4. We went to the Restore, which is a habitat for humanity store for leftover building supplies.  The tiles we chose were obviously samples of marble.  .50 cents each -score!
Then get yourself some of these:


4 bucks at home depot.
Then put them on the back of your tiles, like this:


Flip it over and stick your coffee on it, like so:


Congratulations!  Your coffee table is cooler than all your friends’, and you spent 8 bucks!

An interesting tip: we found wood ’tiles’ as flooring samples at home depot that are FREE! (Wink!)


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  1. lildonbro says:

    That looks like something I could do 🙂

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