Freestyle Frenzy for Weightloss

I tried something crazy today.  I got my groove on.

I needed a workout anyway, and Keith wasn’t home.  So, with Pandora on shuffle, I just started to dance to the music.  Any move that came to my mind.  Let me tell you – I’m no dancer.  My “moves” generally include some sort of booty shake and arm movement.  That’s what Beyonce’ does right?  I just let loose.  Whatever song came on, I grooved with it.  Hillbilly?  I got this – hillbilly shake of course.  Hard rock?  Arms in the air and shake it like you mean it. Duh.  Before I knew it, I was smiling and having a great time, like I was at a concert.  Oh, and the best part was that nobody else could see me.  I was acting like a complete fool, baby belly flapping in the wind and everything. (The fan was on. LOL.)  I think I might be on to something here.

I guess I should issue you a challenge, as my faithful readers.  (Wink – yeah.)  How bout you put your music on shuffle and just go for it?  Nobody has to know.  You’ll feel great, and smiling when noone else is around feels great.

Here’s a few of my not-so-patented moves:  The booty shake – obviously; the line dancer; hillbilly arms (up and down at your sides while moving your feet); arms up like your favorite artist is on stage; a little beyonce; the twist (like the 60’s); and some stripper moves that I won’t try to go into details about 🙂 .

Do all of this with your abs engaged or some hand weights and you’ve got a bonafide workout!!  Good luck and be sure to post comments if you try it!

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My featured image is one I found via google, and has an interesting article attached!  Check out The Hillbilly Hall Of Fame


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