Let’s Throw Out A Throwback


chocolate tin

I’ve been really loving my husband lately.  He bought me chocolates and flowers for Valentines Day – even though we said “no gifts”.  It’s got me thinking about our first Valentines Day, and all the things that led up to that day.  So, in honor of Throwback Thursday, I give you…. how we met.

OK, officially, we met in prison.  But that’s not really how it all started.  We were working together for a couple of weeks – for those who don’t know, we are both Corrections Officers – there’s no inmate love going on here.  Then one night, I saw that he was on Facebook, and sent him a message.  Something like, hey, what’re you doing?  That sort of thing.  I was watching my first DVR of The Walking Dead, and he said that he had wanted to see that.  So I said, “Well, why don’t you come watch it with me.”  And that is the beginning.

He came over (obviously?) and we sat on opposite ends of my mile long couch, and watched the Walking Dead, then he went home.  This happened multiple times, all in the same fashion.  Just TV.  Just The Walking Dead.  Then out the door.  Haha, that makes me laugh now.  So, somewhere in there, I started scooting a little closer on the couch.  And then one night I was ‘cold’ and needed a blanket, and I shared it.  Still, nothing but TV.  LOL.  Long story short, after about 4 months of a TV only relationship, I made a move.  I followed him out to his truck and tried to kiss him.  But he’s so tall that I missed and got his chin.  I looked totally embarrassed, I’m certain, and started to run away like a scared little girl.  He came and grabbed my arm, and gave me the kiss I’d been waiting for.

A little while later, we officially started dating, and have been together ever since.  Our first Valentine’s Day was about 4 months into our relationship, and we went out to dinner.  The Public House 124.  Keith got a fantastic steak and I got a burger, and we had a beautiful time.  Dessert was at the Patisserie, where we tried the chocolate trio for the first time.  It is SO DAMN GOOD.  We’re talking about 3 kinds of chocolate mousse layered together and topped with a pretty little piece of chocolate on top.  We took that and a bottle of wine up to Bennington Lake and shared an evening together over the lake.  I’d say it was a perfect date.

This year, we sortof recreated that date, with the Public House and Patisserie, but we came home to our beautiful little boy.  He’s so precious, and if you think about it, it all started with Prison and Zombies.  A great love story.


Oh yeah, and the picture is for Day 17 of my 365 day challenge – the tin from the chocolates he gave me is really pretty. Dove- one of my faves.


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