Repost Sunday, a new tradition


Ok, I saw this on Facebook,  which means that there’s no telling who is the original owner.  But, I completely agree.  Your kiddos get to go to big boy prison if you don’t take care of them while they’re still little.

You may think you’re just not a strict parent.  You may think something like, “they have plenty of time to be adults with responsibility. Let them be kids.” Well, here’s another perspective to consider: If you don’t teach them how to cook, they will only know how to eat out.  Likely fast food.  They will get diabetes. Because of you.  If you don’t teach them how to work, they will get fired when they try,  if they try.  They might just decide to mooch off of people, steal what they need, or worse.. they might just sell weed like their irresponsible friends or kill for what they need and end up in prison. Because of you.
Or we could consider what we’ve seen in the news lately.  Affluenza.  Not the flu.  That’s the state of being so damn spoiled that they don’t know right from wrong. It’s unfathomable. The child on the news: didn’t get spanked, didn’t do dishes, didn’t know where money came from, let alone how to make it and pay bills, didn’t earn his car, wasn’t accountable for his actions. Didn’t know up from down and apparently how to get a decent haircut. 😉
He’s just a kid, let him be an adult later.
He’s in big boy prison now. Along with many, many others just like him. Take it from someone who works there and babysits these big boys every day.  I’m telling you that they’re whiney, assaultive, entitled, jerks with every breath that they breathe.  Is that really who you want your kiddos to be?
Wouldn’t you rather they were successful, smart, healthy, contributing, caring members of society -who can vote?
Think about it friends.


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