What if….

What if we had a tradition of handmade gifts? Where everyone had to give something handmade.
What if?…


We wouldn’t have to stop giving mass produced crap, but what if?
Well my first thought is that Jo-Ann fabrics and craftsman would have a very large boost in sales. But my favorite thought is that we would enjoy giving and receiving more.  We’d put more love and thought into our gifts. We’d know that what was given to us was made with love and purpose, rather than just a last minute quickie gift.
We’d see more joy in our holidays I think.
So why don’t we just do it? I’ve been leaning that way for quite some time now.  Sure, I buy stuff. But I hate it. I love giving a quilt, home cooked jam, cookies, or a wooden shelf that I’ve made.  And I’m pretty sure that most of it is equally loved and not currently housed in the goodwill pile.
I’m going for it. How bout you? Should we start a revolution?



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