3 Easy Thanksgiving Foods You Gotta Try

Everyone has their favorites.  The pies, the casseroles, the bird, the potatoes. I have 3 recipes that MUST be there. People have even come to expect that I will make it for them, if I am coming.  Try these and you’ll be the hit of the party with minimal effort.

Let’s start with dessert.
Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake


This little beauty of a cheesecake will leave nothing to be desired. One layer of your standard cheesecake topped with a fluffy pumpkin layer. Yum.  We found this in the all recipes magazine a couple years ago, cut it out and slapped it into the Spiegelberg family cookbook.

Next on the list Bacon Green Beans
Everybody wants them and seriously… how hard is it to figure out? I don’t actually use a recipe, but the one I found here is close. The main difference: garlic and onions.  I usually just use the green beans, but I’m thinking this might snaz it up! There are tons of renditions on all recipes.


Now don’t those look yummy! The best part: it’s not green bean casserole from a can. Bleck!

Finally: You got to have dem potatoes!  Ok. I’m not really ghetto, but I love mashed potatoes. I would eat them constantly if I could.  My Grandma Case makes the very best potatoes ever.  Now, I don’t have that recipe, but this one gets the job done.
Mashed Potatoes with Cream Cheese


The secret that my Grandma has,  is to make them ahead, maybe even the day before.  Put them in a HUGE oven safe bowl (she made a lot) and bake them the next day.  I remember that she always had a big pad of butter in the center, a little paprika sprinkled on top, and the oven would perfectly brown the top ripples.  Yummy.  Go back for thirds.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving and try something new this year!


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