To Cloth or Not to Cloth


We’re about ready for the switch. I think.  He’s 6 weeks and gaining weight like crazy. I think he’s going to start fitting the all-in-one diapers that we stocked up on. I’m reaching out to the blogging community for some solicited advice.
Do you have any tips, tricks, or hacks for a mom that’s new to cloth diapering?  What’s your soap recipes?  Or do you just use regular soap.  Fill me in word press friends. I’m all ears!



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  1. Nicola says:

    I’m just at the same point and starting to shop around to buy some. Will be interested to see how u go

    1. I have Ava baby and LLB all in one diapers. Both are found on Amazon and come with liners. So far so good, but I’m only on the second day. Plus I haven’t braved the overnights yet. They fit well and haven’t leaked.

      1. Nicola says:

        Thanks for the tip

  2. lildonbro says:

    I didn’t go with cloth diapers but I considered it. I’m interested to know how it goes, maybe for the next one I’ll go cloth.

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