Living Life In 6 Inches

We see it all the time.  Instead of living life right now, and seeing it all around us, we are pointing our phones at it, and viewing it that way.  At a concert, you see hundreds of phones in the air, trying to capture a perfect video or picture.  Same thing at kids’ ball games, birthday parties, even when children are being born.  Everyone has to be the first one to post the picture of the newborn baby. (Nevermind that the mother would rather not look that way on screen, or other privacy issues.)

We’re living life through a 6 inch screen, rather than living life.

I want to encourage you, next time you’re at a game, party, or birth of a new baby.  Put your phone down.  Hold the baby, watch the game, scream and jump at the concert.  Your memories will be better than the likes you get on Facebook.

This is obviously not my own video, but I think it says it all.


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