5 Days To Go! A rant.

I want this baby out of me.  I know, I know… every woman gets to this point.  Yes, my body hurts.  No, I can’t hardly walk.  No, I can’t tie my own shoes – seriously.  Yes, my nursery is ready.

We’re Ready.  But that’s not (completely) why I want him out of me.  I want to hold my baby.   I want to see what my baby looks like. I want to experience nursing him.  I want to wrap him in the blankies I’ve made.  I want to see what kind of personality he has and how it compares to Keith and I.  That’s a lot of wants… kind of a tantrum!

I’ve been waiting for this for what seems like 20 years. I would have only been 14 years old then, so it’s not actually been that long.. but still.  I’ve literally prayed for my children since I was 16. Yes, actually prayed.  I didn’t just think or hope for them.  I prayed for them at that age.  So now that I’m down to the wire… 5 DAYS TO GO… I’m getting impatient.

I guess I’ll go clean the bathroom… again.


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  1. eph21920 says:

    It is so beautiful that you have prayed for your children at such a young age! Hang in there!

    1. Thank you! (My Mom loved it too! ) I’ve always felt a connection to motherhood. It’s what I want. Always have, always will. Career – don’t care. Motherhood matters.

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