A Special Gift

This article has some great advice. My husband and I will definitely take it!

Catching a Vision by Viv


Hi, my name is Grandma Viv.  I wish I had known more about being a parent when my first child was born but that’s quite a few years ago now.  When Rachel was born I remember telling my husband, “This baby needs to go back to the hospital until she gets older.”  I felt insecure and wasn’t sure I would do a good job.  But we wanted each of our babies.  We had four children and the desire to love them and understand that they are real little people with their very own personalities and needs propelled us forward.  Over the years we picked up a few ideas here and there.  We tried to learn from our mistakes which were quite a few.  Thank goodness there is excellent material on parenting.  “Children are a gift from God: they are his reward.”  Ps 127:3  Can anyone say that better?

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