The Keurig Nation – Lonely Coffee Zombies Unite

Now I’m new to this whole Keurig Nation thing. I was adamantly against having one until I stayed a week at a family member’s house and I was forcefully thrown into it. That, being an obvious exaggeration, I should say that I was in pure coffee heaven. I, of course, was not the one buying the K-cups, so I used them like a mad woman. I was then, bitten by the one-cup-at-a-time beast and forever transformed into a Keurig zombie.
So, I went home and used my regular coffee pot, as if nothing had happened and life would resume as normal. No more vacation, no more Keurig. Like giving up any luxury that you have while away. Keith (my husband) doesn’t drink much coffee, and so we were actually throwing away 3/4 of a pot per day, unless I was unusually thirsty for it. This is where I insert lonely into the equation. If you’re the only coffee drinker in your house, you’re probably doing the same thing. It’s wasteful and once you’ve been bitten by the Keurig Zombie, it simply will not do. You will not re-heat that pot the next day, and you will not be satisfied with dumping your money down the drain. Instead you will justify throwing $119 on a Keurig with fancy features that you might not use (but you could!). Keith could go on and on about the features, but I just press brew.
Now that we’ve been transformed into K-cup-lovers I’m trying to discover new ways to make this work for me. I want it cheaper (to justify the $119) and I will NOT buy those stupid little cups unless it’s on clearance or I’m desperate. I will however buy those little re-usable filters and buy my regular coffee, as usual, to put in it. Saves the trash, saves some money, and you don’t have to re-discover what kind of coffee you like.
Youtube has some neat ideas for making lots of yummy favorites that you would normally pay $5 for at a coffee shop. This is definitely in the cards for us, but for now, I just wanted a nice iced coffee drink. Here’s one I found from another blogger!

Check out the above link to find out how you make a GALLON – yes, a whole gallon – of iced mocha drink at once, using your Keurig!
Keurig Zombies Unite!!


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