Earring photo frame




Do this project in a few simple steps!

STEP 1:  Pick out a frame


I chose a gold frame, because it was already in my closet, and it went well with my burlap.

STEP 2:  Burlap


I really like old keys, and so I picked a burlap with keys on it.  There are a lot of different printed designs out there, or you can stamp your own words or design onto your plain burlap.  The importance of using burlap is because it is a large weave that’s not tight. So, your earrings will poke through it without damaging the fabric.  The stamped areas are harder to poke through, so choose a design that doesn’t take over.  Cut it down to size, for fitting your frame.  Leave a little extra fabric around the edges until after you fasten it to the frame.

STEP 3:  Staple!


Staple the fabric, as tightly as you can to the back of the frame.  You’re leaving the glass out of the frame, as well as the back.  staple it on there, working from one side to the other, and then top to bottom.  Tight! Tight! Tight!

STEP 4:  Earrings!


Take this mess, and put it on the front of the frame.  The hook earrings are what I put up, and left the backs in my jewelry box.  You could use your post earrings too, but then you’ll have to take the frame down to remove a pair of earrings.   It cleared up the mess I was fighting in my jewelry box, and I found earrings that I hadn’t seen in years!

STEP 5:  Display!!



I hung mine on the wall, putting an extra screw in the wall at the bottom of the frame, so that it didn’t hit the wall and push my earrings back out.  If you have a deep enough frame, you won’t have to do that.  Another option, is to use those frame stands, and have it sitting on your dresser, or a shelf.  This is a good option if you’re going to put your post earrings in it too.

VOILA!!  You just made your own custom earring display, and it’s unique to you!!


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