OK, so I’m not even going to try to write a well thought out message here. I just need to vent about something.
If, in this world, most especially America, we have an opinion that differs from what society currently promotes, we are discriminated against. I’m talking about any opinion, belief, comment, or passing thought.
Isn’t it a violation of our American rights to force us in to a cookie-cutter belief system of any kind? Do we all have to agree? Do we all have to be the same, OR ELSE??
That’s not American. That’s not what our forefathers fought for.
So, if we have religious values, that were set long ago, that we hold firmly to, isn’t it our right to do so? Isn’t it our right, just like it is the right of those who disagree?
For the people that want no religion, isn’t it their right too?
Why do people get so angry when we say something that they disagree with? Don’t we have the right to be conservative, just like they have the right to be liberal? Can’t we be somewhere in-between too?
I’ve not met any person that I disagree with 100% of everything they say, and even if I did find that person, wouldn’t it still be their right to be 100% different than me?
Isn’t our differences what makes us great? Isn’t that the way we were made to be? Why do I have to agree with you?

I don’t, and I’m proud of what I believe. I’m not going to force you, and I won’t let you force me to be like you either.
The end.


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  1. salpal1 says:

    I completely agree with you! I think it is the forcing that causes us so much strife. If we would just stop trying to force our own beliefs on others the whole world would be a better place. Can’t we live in harmony and loving acceptance?

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