DIY Strawberry In A Jar


So I wanted to give my friend a gift and thin my strawberry patch.  Here’s what to do.

First get a jar.  Obviously.  The one I have here is from JoAnn Fabrics and it was only 2 bucks.  Pick any jar you want.


Second, put some rocks in the bottom.  This is for the watering process.  There’s no hole in the bottom of the jar for drainage, so you want a little space for the water to go to. (At least I think that’s how it works, let me know if I’m wrong.)  Then put dirt on top of that.  You can use special soil, but I used the soil it was already growing in that way it wasn’t in shock by the transplant.



Next, put the plant in!!  It looks cute.  Mine was an abnormally tall strawberry plant so it looks a little funny, but won’t those little berries be cute when they’re ripe!

And finally…


Add a little bow or some rafia and personalize it.  I am giving mine as a gift so I made a little homemade card, but you could add a cute tadd with care instructions or whatever you like.  Make it yours!  Use any small flower really.  Just be careful not to over water because there isn’t anywhere for that water to go!  Little bits!  Have fun!


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  1. OK, so after about a week, I decided to transplant this sweet baby. It was doing ok, but not really ‘happy’. It’s still a great idea to give as a gift, but you may want to recommend to people that they replant it, and don’t leave it in the jar. Number of reasons: drainage, they want to be outside being the to two. Had to review my own project!

  2. Amy Saab says:

    What a sweet idea! I’ve got strawberries aplenty, I think I’ll give them as gifts because your post! Thanks for sharing! ~amy

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you like it!! Enjoy!

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