My Bike To Work Challenge!


I rode my bike to work twice this week, and I loved it.  It felt good and it was good for me.  Plus, it was barely over two miles each way. LOL.  So I am going to challenge myself, right here, right now, to do this every week for the next month.  I might even ride it more than that.  But 2 days a week minimum is the goal.  I’ll have to evaluate the weather after that because there is no freakin way I’m riding in 100 degree weather as is common in the Summer here.  No sweaty pits at work!  

I will update you guys and let you know how it goes.  Here’s how it’s been so far:

Day one, got lost. <yes, I drive it every day.  But I wanted to go a way that doesn’t include the highway and I went a way that I don’t know.  It was still only 15 minutes there.  The ride home is definitely harder than the ride there.  I think this is good because I can sweat all I want at home, but not at work.  NO SWEATY AT WORK!

Day two: I got there in only 13 minutes and I didn’t get lost. 🙂 This cut out 2 minutes, but it wasn’t shorter, surprisingly.  Maybe MapMyRun made an error.  My ride home was still difficult, but it’s only day 2.

Lastly, I mentioned MapMyRun.  That’s an app on my phone.  I have a droid, but they have it on Iphone too.  You record your workouts, whether it’s a dog walk or mountain biking, and it keeps track of your route, distance, calories burned, etc.  We love it.  It’ll even post to facebook for you.  I don’t think the calorie counter is accurate, but how do I know??

Till next week!!


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  1. Week two is complete and I did it. I rode my bike to work again this week. It was great, and it’s getting easier!

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