Our Journey To Becoming Parents


We got married on October 12, 2013.  That was just 3 months ago… almost.  We have both been married before and both have wanted kids forever.  For those of you that don’t know us, I’m Jennifer and 33 years old, and Keith is my husband and is 31.  We were both unfortunately lucky enough not to have kids with our ex’s.  By unfortunately, I mean that we both wanted them, and it killed us that it didn’t happen.  Then, we each got divorced and were completely thankful that we weren’t going to have to ‘deal’ with our ex’s ever again and go through the custody battle.

So I lived in Portland, born and raised.  Keith lived all over Washington state, but is from the west side.  How did we meet?  Prison.  Sounds funny, but each of us was going to school for our degrees in Criminal Justice.  Keith finished his Bachelors and got the job as an officer at the Penitentiary, and I was a couple years behind him and only working on my associates.  I moved to Walla Walla for the chance of a lifetime. Working in prison as an officer. (AKA guard)  We worked together a few times and eventually became friends.

Keith and I didn’t really hang out until the show “The Walking Dead” came on.  I was watching it, and happened to see that Keith was on Facebook. We messaged and he came right over, wanting to see it too.  The rest is history really. (Or better left for another post.)  We got married a little over a year after watching our first Walking Dead episode together.  Who knew prison and a zombie show could change your life?

And now, we want babies. I’m not getting any younger, and even my doctor has told me that my clock is ticking!  We don’t care whether it or they are boys or girls, as long as we get them.  Our lives and hearts are filled with love and friendship. We are in our thirties (eek!) and have life experience to make us great parents.  We have each loved and cared for someone else’s children as our own, and each had them ripped away. Now it’s time for our own. We love children, and we’re ready.

Wish us luck, and pray for God’s blessing on this great journey to having children!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Good luck to you! Such a wonderful story can only lead to a wonderful future! I hope that you will have a bundle on the way soon, and that the lovely addition will bring you all that you wish for. It is such an exciting time, and it is such a good idea to journal this to share with others.

  2. CASSIE says:

    I love you Jen and I’m praying you get the desires of your heart. MIssing you right now

  3. Krystle Cooke says:

    Good luck to you Jen! Stay busy, it will happen 😉

  4. Michelle says:

    Wishing for you both amazing babies quickly. You deserve to have your own and will be amazing momma. Get to it!

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